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Axis  Deer Hunting in Texas

Axis buck

An Axis Buck

The Axis Deer's native country is India, in the foothills of the Himalayas and the island of Sre Lanka where is known as "chitah" meaning spotted deer.  Axis deer have been found of ranges with dry scrub to deciduous forests. 

The Axis is often considered the most beautiful cervid family, with striking reddish-brown coats marked with rows of white spots. Mature weight is from 145-250 lbs. 

Axis venison is one of the best tasting wild game meats with low fat; it is naturally mild and tender. 

Axis Deer are a challenging hunt, while similar to white tail, they are extremely wary.  They were introduced to Texas in 1932; a survey in  1988 estimated the population at about 39,000.

Cowboy Cool Outfitters offers:
  • Fully guided, (one on one) for optimal harvest and retrieval
  • Daily, weekday, and weekend hunts offered year round
  • Lodging, catering, and/or beverage services offered

To book your hunt call 1-979-219-4412

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