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Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer are medium sized, "rangy" deer with large palmate antlers, while they are native to the Mediterranean area of Europe and Asia Minor, Fallow deer are the most wildly kept of the world's deer and have been introduced basically to the Edwards Plateau region of Texas.

In 1988, the Texas population was estimated to be in excess of 14,000.

While there are no seasonal restrictions on Fallow Deer hunts in Texas, the ideal time is from November through March after the does are bred and before the bucks shed their horns.

Blonde and Chololate Fallow Deer
                          Blonde and Chocolate Fallow Deer

Cowboy Cool Outfitters offers:
  • Fully guided, (one on one) for optimal harvest and retrieval
  • Daily, weekday, and weekend hunts offered year round
  • Lodging, catering, and/or beverage services offered
  Fallow Deer are a challenging hunt as they are extremely wary.

* Call for 1-979-219-4412 for details.

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